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I arrived at parenthood like many of us, with enough resources - youth, enthusiasm, competence -  to keep me afloat and shield me from built-up vulnerabilities I did not want to face or deal with.

The first newborn' immense needs drew so massively on my emotional resources that I was forced to face the fragilities it exposed. I eventually overcame my resistance to take therapy.

Examining my upbringing, beliefs, thought patterns and feelings was invaluable. Thanks to the therapeutic relationship and a multi-year study of psychology and neuroscience, I restored enough emotional and relational health to build a nurturing environment for the children I am raising.

My goal is to develop in fellow humans our ability to integrate our hearts and minds, and improve how we relate with one another.

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As an executive recruiter for nearly nine years I worked extensively with leaders in Education and Global Health - particularly Reproductive, Maternal, Newborn, Child and Adolescent health. Clients included the WHO, UNFPA, Guttmacher Institute, several foundations (UN, Bill & Melinda Gates, Bernard Van Leer) and several academic institutions (Berkeley, Michigan, Pomona).

I have been working directly with children and parents at the San Francisco Child Abuse Prevention Center since 2016 (supervised volunteer). 

Brought up in nine countries, I  sampled five educational systems and their languages, and pursued analytical (Mathematical Economics) and business studies (Stanford MBA).

When I am not reading graphic novels, I am splashing in the cold Pacific Ocean.

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