I arrived at parenthood like many of us, with enough resources - youth, enthusiasm, competence -  to keep me afloat and shield me from built-up vulnerabilities I did not want to face or deal with.

The first newborn' immense needs drew so massively on my emotional resources that I was forced to face the fragilities it exposed. I eventually overcame my resistance to take therapy.

Examining my upbringing, beliefs, thought patterns and feelings was invaluable. Thanks to the therapeutic relationship and a multi-year study of psychology and neuroscience, I restored enough emotional and relational health to build a nurturing environment for the children I am raising.

My goal is to develop in fellow humans our ability to integrate our hearts and minds, and improve how we relate with one another.

As an executive recruiter for nearly nine years I worked extensively with leaders in Education and Global Health - particularly Reproductive, Maternal, Newborn, Child and Adolescent health. Clients included the WHO, UNFPA, Guttmacher Institute, several foundations (UN, Bill & Melinda Gates, Bernard Van Leer) and several academic institutions (Berkeley, Michigan, Pomona).

I have been working directly with children and parents at the San Francisco Child Abuse Prevention Center since 2016 (supervised volunteer). 

Brought up in nine countries, I  sampled five educational systems and their languages, and pursued analytical (Mathematical Economics) and business studies (Stanford MBA).

When I am not reading graphic novels, I am splashing in the cold Pacific Ocean.


San Francisco, California, USA

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